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Aug 15, 2023

The Skeleton Update

The Skeleton Update
The new Yokibird pet roaming around Spawn

Hey everyone!

Exciting news ahead! I'm thrilled to announce a fantastic new update. Your enthusiasm and support have been amazing, and I can't wait to bring you all even more fun and engaging experiences. I truly care about our incredible community of players and want to ensure you have the best time ever. Get ready for an epic adventure ahead!

New Events

As you know we released the /event host feature earlier this week and you guys LOVED IT! We fixed up a lot of bugs with it like fly, pvp, optimized it, and added some more events:

  • Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and Spleef.

Let me know what your favorite event is in our Discord. Mine is Wool Shuffle


Darkness has entered into what was once our lovely, friendly community.. Introducing the Skeleton Overlord event. You can mine soul sand in the Nether to get Skeleton Shards for a chance to craft a Skeleton Key (/skeletonevent)


This is a crate with new and exclusive Skeleton themed tools, weapons, cosmetics, and armor! This crate will be available for 2 WEEKS.

It is also BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! So if you buy 10 keys, you get 20. If you buy 50 keys, you get 100.. etc. Check out some of these new items below!

Store Sale + Free Claw

Our 50% store sale is now active as well! Spend $35+ on our store and receive the Skeleton Claw cosmetic for free! This will be for the next 3 days. Take advantage now as this sale is dropping to 25% tomorrow night.

STORE LINK - https://store.chunkmc.com/